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Our clients are our heroes. Their efforts to provide minor cannabinoids – a safe, non-addictive, natural alternative to opioids – is changing the pain management landscape and saving tens of thousands of lives.

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Extract processors have a problem

The problem is the high demand and limited supply of minor cannabinoids, the medicinal extract of Hemp and Cannabis.  Exacerbating the problem is that the market is flooded with cheaply built, poorly maintained, un-automated, and largely unsupported manufacturing equipment.  This problematic equipment requires a massive amount of effort to keep in operation which impacts your bottom line.  In the highly competitive world of cannabis manufacturing, profitability is key to success.

Nyborg makes automation easy.

When you call Nyborg for help,  you get experts led by an engineer with more than 20 years of experience in lean problem solving and cutting edge technology. We produce the most automated products on the market today.  Our technology background includes experience in nuclear energy, fuel cells, semiconductors, biopharmaceutical, petrochemical and the science of industrial fluid systems and automation. Our obsession is to bring the latest in high technology to the cannabis industry. 

Meet Taarna:

Taarna is the flagship of Nyborg’s product line.   Taarna is a Wiped Film Evaporator/photo reactor capable of distilling more than a hundred gallons of cannabinoids per day, including highly sought after CBN and Delta 8.  Distillation is a crucial step in cannabis extract manufacturing, and automation is critical to success.  Taarna enables owners to quickly scale, automate, and enhance their capabilities.  Taarna is a 21st century machine for 21st century companies.

"Producers like us at ​Cabaniss Group LLC need more flexibility and automation with their equipment to be competitive in the market today.  It's crucial you get more bang for your buck - and Taarna gets you all that."
Will C.

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Will Cabaniss called us, we listened, and in a few short months Cabaniss Group received the most automated distillation machine on the market.  Cabaniss Group was able to 20x their distillation capacity without needing to add a single employee to the payroll.  Tell us about your team, your challenges, your objectives, and together we’ll find the best solution, even if the best solution is not us.

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