Nyborg processor distills in excess of 100 gallons a day of Cannabinoid Distillates

“My Company, Cabaniss Group LLC, needed to scale up our operations in order to manage tolling contracts and clear other backlogs. We were looking for something that would dramatically increase capacity and that operated hands free. I was familiar with Nyborg and had met Lex during one of his infamous seminars a few years ago. I reached out to Lex to see if he had something that would be superior in automated capabilities compared to the other stuff on the market. When he told me about the brand new Photocatalytic WFE he had been developing, I got really excited. We were impressed with the concept and familiar with UV/CBN conversion results and thought let’s go for it.    

“As to be expected there were a few glitches at start-up.  A few valves needed to be tweaked and a gear pump had to be replaced.  Lex was on hand to solve both issues.  After that we were off to the races.   We increased capabilities and are now seeing around 25/30 liters per hours in devol on the first pass and getting the same numbers on the second pass.

“We are so glad to have chosen this build over any other on the market.  Having wireless control has been the best thing so far in any of my equipment.   Being able to remotely sign into Taarna makes things so much easier and more cost effective.   Nyborg has been there every step of the way to quickly diagnose and fix any problem that has occurred.  They are always responsive.  We’re waiting for the next big Nyborg thing.”