Past Events Topics:

Fluid Systems and Material Processing Seminar:

HighZenBerg posts a lot on the subject matter of short path distillation and in the realms of essential oil concentrate purification. Instagram is great for knowledge sharing, but limited still. Now a live forum is here in-person and hands-on. Hearing others ask questions can sometimes answer ones you didn’t know you had. This series of seminars is focused to help set you in motion. Help answer the questions you’ve all been asking as well as elaborate on concepts that pertain to all the reaches of essential oil and the purification of its oleoresins.


Nyborg has worked on nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, pyrophoric material stills, high vacuum systems, chemical analyzers, 10kPSI systems, liquid cooling, chemical deposition, and all sorts of other craziness. Fluid Systems with Nyborg focuses on the science behind equipment design and the fundamentals of chemistry, fluid dynamics, and equipment engineering, including power distribution, process diagram development, and risk analysis.


Extraction Equipment Mastery Class: 


This class is focused on the mechanical, electrical, and process engineering practices for optimizing chemical system design. If you are processing and refining Biomass into Essential Oil, you can save tens of thousands in costly mistakes regarding safety, reliability, and component specification.


The seminar will cover:

  • Basic Thermodynamics
  • Component and Pipe Sizing
  • Valve, Seal, and Plumbing Material Compatibility Validation
  • Failure Analysis Fundamentals
  • Vacuum System Construction and Operation
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Basic Electrical Diagrams
  • Fluid Connector Type and Function