What we are:

Engineers of Behavioral Design

Inventors of Weird Science for a Better World

Action takers to forcibly disassemble cultural and social biases

Behavioral Design
  • A Behavioral Science and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) approach to change how our we are culturally and socially developed to level up in our humanism capabilities to use more of our brains in relation to ourselves and relationships with others.
  • A Holacratic business model that eliminates the standard of dictator leadership.
  • An Egalitarian business practice that balances the male and female ratios in business and in compensation. Most manufacturing and tech companies have higher percentages of males (75%), we strive to keep that ratio 50/50. Currently, we’re 57% female.
  • By creating the experimental grounds to test how humans can perform together with higher neurofunctioning capabilities, we have already proven these practices with a 20x learning process that’s continually increasing with a higher functioning and harmonious culture.
Our chosen influences
  • Vital Smarts Group (Kerry Patterson): Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer
  • Delancey Street Foundation with Mimi Silbert
  • Family of Origin and Family Systems Theories: John Bradshaw
  • Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen
  • Montessori practices for adults (adapted from Maria Montessori)
Weird Science for a Better World
Weird: –of strange or extraordinary character : ODD, FANTASTIC
Middle English: wird, werd, going back to Old English wyrd, going back to Germanic *wurdi- "fate, chance" (whence Old Saxon wurđ "fate," Old High German wurt, Old Norse urðr), derivative from the base of *werþan- "to come about, happen, become”
Testing the limits and conundrums in:
  • Energy
  • Human Behaviors
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Materials Science
Dissembling the current culture and social “norms”
  • We choose to take action to break people free from the “matrix”
  • We provide the resources to finding the core of our psyches to level up and use the genius that’s embedded in every human once were able to freely express our emotions and learn from each other without power struggles